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Our event was June 10th. WORST ROOMMATE NA ft ROBERTxLEE and BOXBOX self. Its fairly recent, last month or so. BoxBox moved to California? Since she's always in the background. Yea, Robert's girlfriend also lives there. Proper Reddit comment etiquette says that you have to say"I would watch the shit out of it. If this were a TV show, I would make a reddit comment saying that I would upvote someone who makes a reddit comment saying that if this were a TV show he would make a reddit comment saying that he would watch it.

Anyway I followed Annie back to her house and it SOUNDED like her parents were okay with it, it's hard to hear from the bushes outside. I don't know the details, but I assume BoxBox must have mentioned something about this on his stream? Don't judge me for information I never asked for. Annie does not live with them. She lives at home and goes to school but comes over to study and hang out.

So, is a hafu and boxbox dating sites just like, someone who hangs out with you while you're barbecuing? I've only seen like ten Friends episodes, and I'm so fucking glad this was one of them. Why haven't I watched that series? Thank you for this. I've never watched Friends more than 15 minutes before and this brought countless smirks to my face. How are you so good. Your gifs of hot fuzz a few months ago singlehandedly made me go watch hot fuzz, had never heard of it before.

Please never stop doing this. Holy shit your comment history is like an entire subreddit in itself. Could get stuck in there forever Holy shit, each one gets better and better. You were tagged as "GIF guy" on me but now i'm changing it to "GIF GOD". Shame i didn't do this earlier. I've had him tagged as gif god for a good moth now: P edit; You gotta problem with my moths?!

And I've been watching him play a couple games every day for like the last 2 or 3 weeks. Robert trying to be the martyr and take the blame and Tiffae comes in and exposes him and calls him out. ACTUALLY HE WAS ASKED ON HIS AMA WHAT TO TURN DOWN FOR AND HE SAID 'TEQUILA AND THE COPS'. Future reference when editing, the audio levels bar when editing tells you how loud it's going to be. Good levels usually hover just above and around db. Constant red clipping hafu and boxbox dating sites bad and some peaking in orange is good.

All NLE systems have this and I got my start editing halo 1 montages on Vegas 4 back in the day. It's like smartcast, but if you don't target something, it will automatically target you. Yeah it works like that I think. Sometimes, though, you need to use the same skill in both ways, depending on the fight probably or on hafu and boxbox dating sites you want to use it on, I guess. For example, did you see the tips video of holyarme that was on frontpage a couple of days ago?

You can cast a skill on your ally like a shield instantly without targeting by pressing E the skill you want and F2,F3 or whatever button you bound for that specific ally. This requires you to use the spell without it being smartcasted, so maybe sometimes you want to choose in what way to use your skill. In the lol keybind config file there is a separate section for those big buttons up top.

Then there is another section for the other categories you see in the list below. He has everything bound in the list below. I mean his name is BoxBox afterall. Before the quick toggle options were available Setting menu reworkyou have to change all the normal cast buttons into smart cast column by yourself. Therefore the normal cast column would be empty. Well, robert was in the Lore Champion Series this split with complexity but finished last, which might explain the wierd twists.

Box recently moved out and is taking a year off to stream. He now lived with Annie, robertxlee and his gf. Robert owns the place. ROBERTxLEE quits complexity, and all of the sudden he's basically all we talk about. Posts about him have something like upvotes this week. Parent commenter can toggle NSFW or delete. Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less. FAQs Source Please note this bot is in testing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a bug report!

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Are they both streaming full time? Good one mentioning Dyrus and prison. Wish I could play with my GC controller now:

【LoL】URF w/ Annie&Boxbox~