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Frumster and other dating sites like Saw You At Sinai and Jwed have decided to add a category for mamzerim who are wishing to find their mates. Many folks are of the frum dating websites that mamzerim are running rampant around the frum community and we may in fact all be mamzerim, creating loads of issues when it comes to who is actually eligible to marry each other. I myself have wondered this and although I applaud the various shidduch dating websites for adding yet another way to categorize and pigeon hole everyone — I wonder how they will be able to check to make sure the person claiming that he or frum dating websites is a mamzer is in fact a mamzer, do rabbis give certificates or something.

I heard recently that there was a psak I think it was by Rav Ovadia Yosef that frum dating websites if a child of a mamzer is conceived through in-vitro, the mamzer status does not get passed on. There are actually sources that this is true going back to biblical times. Yirmiyahu to be exact. It says a story that there was once semen in a bathhouse, and a woman bathed there and became impregnated, and the child was legitimate. It is actually extremely relevant in our times, with infertility stuff.

Many Rabbis are against the practice even though they consider the child to be legitimate, because of the genetics the child will possess. Yes, I know this will piss many of you off. I feel so bad for Mamzers, I first read about the concept here at Frum Satire and it makes me sad every time I read about them. Yankel, about the genetics argument; what do you think of the argument which some have articulated below that statistically at this point EVERYONE is a Mamzer?

Ok, next time you go to the mik, take a sample out with you, and check it out under a microscope. There are all sorts of categories of mamzerim. Many of them carry no greater risk than random strangers. And with services like the new Australian one we can tell which if any of several hundred heritable conditions the pairing of two individuals may produce. The method of conception poses no frum dating websites genetic risk.

No Nuran, much more racist than that. They are concerned about mixing in the frum dating websites of a goy. If it happens — so be it. You crack me up, Heshy! Leibel you have arrived at the best solution to the mamzer problem. If only the gedolim frum dating websites a pair of gedolim and declared this, then the problem would go away. According to the other view, it was sort of unclear to me what it meant exactly if there is a Mamzer who no-one knows about, once enough generations pass, and his true ancestry is no longer descernable or traceable, his offspring are no longer Mamzerim according to biblical law.

Those children then grow up as slaves, frum dating websites which time he frees them and they become full fledged Jews. Obviously no longer applicable today. Slavery is still common in some parts of Africa. So maybe it could be done! And frum dating websites are way too many i. There is a way to do the slave shtickle today. And the gemara that Eliahu will reveal who is kosher and who not, is in Kiddushin 71a. A blatt before, it says another opinion, that after a lineage of mamzerus has frum dating websites kosher blood marrying into it, it becomes kosher.

Leibel, I read the same thing from tempat dating best selangor geneticist. Everyone has two parents, they have two as well. So for each generation back multiply by 2. The Ashkenazic Jewish community was only a tenth of that size sephardic, much less. A Jewish man can still have a non-mamzer child through an unmarried woman who is not her wife.

This is worldwide with multiple studies going back more than half a century. That implies frum dating websites outbreeding which is never the case. Probably a much smaller number than this. Just for kicks, 2 to the 40th power is 1 trillion. So one mamzer marrying in yr makes itYour numbers are frum dating websites. It was common back then for people to marry their 3rd cousins or other similar situations.

This is shocking news! I bet there are mamzerim out there, yes, but they must to say frum dating websites mamzerim are the majority?! And how does G-d look at a mamzer? Like will the mamzers be around by mashiach times or are they gone by milchemet gog umagog? This is crazy stuff…not sure whether to believe it though…. My guess is that the vast majority of technical mamzerim in the middle ages were born of rape, especially during the crusades.

Wow, the odds quoted above were pretty convincing to me. Frum dating websites taking into account the fact that only female adultery produces a Mamzer and factoring in that at least in my opinion female adultery has been less likely to occur vs. Any Jew born to a Jewish couple who would be prohibited to marry gets that status. So the numbers can actually be a lot higher.

Additionally, there is some kind of tradition that a kosher lineage will remain that way through divine intervention. I also seem to remember something about unknown mamzerim automatically either dying or not having children. Seems like it would be easier for Jewish women to not get married and have their kids by Gentile boyfriends. The whole concept of mamzer ridiculous.

Why punish a child for what his parents did? Using your argument, if someone found a cure for fetal alcohol syndrome, would you be against it? Would you be against that cure? As far as an orthodox Jew is concerned they are one and the same, and although they may seem unfair, too bad. If it works, here goes: There i just changed the rules, do you think it helps? So 2 multiplied frum dating websites 2 50 times is 1 quadrillion.

This is the number of possible ancestors you have. There are only 7 mil possible frum dating websites. So if one person yrs ago was a mamzer, what are the chances you are his descendant, and therefore a mamzer? Divide 1 quadrillion possible by 7 mil actual frum dating websites you get a , That math is still completely off. Assuming the average world Jewish population at any given time over the past years was 10 million, and the average life span was only 50 years probably was morethat would give only million Jews alive over the past years.

Make necessary adjustments to deduct those that lived longer than 50 years and those that never had kids, and your total will probably beat less than million.

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