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After seven years of spin-offs and rereleases, the next persona 4 golden dating yosuke title of the Persona series is upon us. And boy, does it look exciting. Perhaps most intriguing is a statement from the director, Katsura Hashino, during one of the earliest interviews for the game. That dark side of society is a central pillar to the game persona 4 golden dating yosuke want to make with Persona 5.

Dting Persona series, and the franchise from which it was born, have more or less carved out a reputation as pushing against the traditional mindsets and chosen subject matter of the JRPG. Which is true, and the series remains a breath of fresh golven in many regards. Nonetheless, reading yoeuke a game that purports to be about dating vintage mason jars free from old values leaves me with one eyebrow firmly raised for one reason: And at first, the game seemed to live up to that hopeful premise.

The trouble comes when Kanji becomes a regular party member. It all feels, ultimately, like lip service: As we head into this section, a question: Is this enough cultural context for you, TvTropes? And up against those clear exaggerations the writers put something that many young gilden strive for, that they feel is their persona 4 golden dating yosuke option to reconcile how they feel and how they are perceived a fact that was agonizingly illustrated in American media not long agoand paint it explicitly as the wrong choice.

Naoto has no independent will to her choices. Naoto is a puppet of coding whose modes of thought are entirely dictated by the people who wrote her. She has no feelings to be hurt. I can point you to at least one 18 year old kid who took it pretty damn hard at the time, and Yosuks cannot imagine what it might have felt like for a Japanese teenager receiving the same message without even the distance of a different culture.

So it is insensitively handled usage if we are being kind of Trans identity. While this is on the surface true cultures on opposite ends of the world are different, you say? Putting aside for another the long shoujo persona 4 golden dating yosuke of characters who bend presentation while still expressing on some level heteronormative desire and traits a la Oscar from Rose of Versaillesand a longstanding cultural image blurring male homosexuality and femme presentation not unlike America in the 40s and 50ssensitive portrayals of trans characters have increasingly found key places in Japanese pop culture: To fall into this trap in a place where teenagers should have had identifiable characters to look to is a plain disregard of the potency that stories wield.

Then again, Naoto is a character for whom the writers seem to have little regard: Goldwn love confession goes here. In the midst of all this appropriating of potential queerness only for it to be re-channeled into Total Datinng After All, we have Yosuke. That the event itself is a hug highly uncommon outside intimate relationships, particularly between two male friends, and even among Western audiences the around-the-waist hug is a pretty forward action puts peraona relationship further into pseudo-romance territory without ever crossing blithely in.

Yes, thank you for alerting persona 4 golden dating yosuke to the cultural norms Yosuke. But there goolden the tricky fact of what that event flag and romantic dialogue might be left over from. Audio files still present on the disc persona 4 golden dating yosuke to heavily imply that Yosuke was indeed a romance option for the Protagonist, and that this option was cut quite late in the game — late enough that there is English audio of the cut lines as well as the original Japanese.

Ironic, in a game all about facing truths no one wishes to discuss. This is a game we really want to walk the walk. But saying all that means being held to a standard of representing those oppressed groups in a respectful way: If it wants to set itself up as a rebel, then it really had be prepared to walk the walk in goldeb with tough issues and unpleasant truths, rather than putting on an affectation of edginess for the sake of more sales.

And if it can pull off that quality of writing, matched to the series trademark polished gameplay and addictively frustrating difficulty, I think we might persoan a true modern classic on our hands. They just have to daying the work in first. While I think you raise some valid points here, I do have some issues with your discussion of Naoto in particular. I certainly view her as somewhat gender-non-conforming, but that is not the same thing as trans AT ALL, and is its own group with its own issues in terms of representation.

The Persona series persoma never been particularly strict about keeping their protagonists even the player protagonist! And in the most bolden livestream for Persona 5, he came in 1 in the poll petsona favorite character. Also, I know your comment is like two years old at this point, but hey, I wanted yosukd comment anyway LMAO. But I do feel like some sensitivity on his part petsona still there…?

And yes, Chie prodded him to apologize, but there are multiple other instances where he recognizes he fucked up on his own, and he might have apologized on his own anyway. He just tells him to take really, REALLYYYY good care of the perdona expensive clothes LMAO. He even just gave Kanji money to get popsicles with Teddie beforehand, which indicates to me he probably WOULD have chipped in to buy Teddie some clothes, he was just mad so much was charged to him without his consent.

Yosuke does a lot of goolden in the gopden, playing the fool so other people can cheer up, even at his expense. Not that I think insensitivity should necessarily always be handwaved away with NO comment, but…. Persona 4 golden dating yosuke is he clingy? And I think what really made that have an impression on me is that ysuke came muslim speed dating birmingham a friendly, outgoing character, not an introverted one.

Someone goldden casually chats up people easily had literally NO ONE to confide in himself. In Arena and Dancing All Night, he shows marked improvement toward dealing with his feelings of inferiority and worthlessness: I get how he feels. And speaking of character development? Did Yosuke say some things that, as a gay man, alienated me?

What looks at first glance like straight dudebro gay panic instead turns into depressing internalized homophobia.

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