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The reddit self-improvement and seduction community! Want to start a local lair? Seddit Simple Questions Thread. Advice for a speed-dating event? Hook up koodo phone been discreetly lurking here while trying to catch up on some PUA material haven't got through much at all yet. Now I'm too much of a pussy to do cold approaches so I'm thinking of going to a speed-dating event to help build up some confidence as a little stepping stone.

Does anyone have any advice or speed dating questions pua for this? Biggest advice I can give: Don't leave it up to the girl to choose you. If you like her, you need to get contact info off of her that night. If you like a chick, then when she's getting up to move on, say something like, "Hey, stick around after this is over so we can chat a bit more. If she sticks around, hangout at the bar for one drink and build some attraction. If things are going well after that drink, try for a venue-change.

No biggie, I'm not either. If she declines, she'll probably say that she has to get going for some speed dating questions pua. No problem, go for a number close and leave. You're not getting any further with her, tonight, so no use hovering. Correct, I'm not that advanced or confident enough to try my place as a change of venue on the first night, but I'd be quite pleased with getting some form of attraction down pat and grabbing a number.

One other thing, Women often go to speed dating questions pua in pairs with a friend so you might have to deal with speed dating questions pua friend at the bar, as well. If you don't have a wingman going with you, then get to the place a little early and make one! Find a guy who seems pretty high-status and befriend him.

Guys are easy to talk to. Speed dating questions pua don't pick one of the loserish guys who'll also be there. It's better to be alone than be seen hanging with a dork. Also, the friend thing is why you need to get contact info that night. Even if you hit it out of the park with one chick but her friend thinks you're a dud, you'll get X'd by both when they compare notes later, which they will. But if you've already got her digits, you're still in the game. Man, there are so many scientific studies done on speed dating.

There's one that showed that if you stayed seated while the women switch tables, the women start getting really attracted to the men because they feel like they are the ones pursuing you, and the men get more selective. Whereas if it's the men who get up speed dating questions pua the women who stay seated, the reverse is true, the speed dating questions pua tend to be more selective, and the men more competitive and attracted to the women.

Keep that in mind, try going to an event where the women have to stand up and switch tables, or where both men and women have to get up and move around so that's it's equal. This particular event that I'm going to has the men seated and women rotating at 8 minute intervals. Many of these types of events, while well meaning, reinforce the usual society view that women are delicate flowers and 'the prize' men must win over.

Seat exchange is just one subtle example. Stand out is rule 1. Make sure you limit the talk about yourself but when you do make sure you show you are fun, have sense of drive, and can show some compassion. Its showing DHV but in a softer way. Stay away from work, money, and car questions and focus on her dreams and also cool things she has done. I have been working on the compassion part and chicks love it, the trick is speed dating questions pua not come off as a pussy, you speed dating questions pua to do it in the I am a dark artist way.

Pua-wise I can only think about this: Think about that scene from Hitch. I think it's simple and practical. Just keep talking about yourself short. Ask them some basic questions to get the ball rolling and listen, respond. Make the short few minutes about them. Most of all try to have fun meeting new people. I was just curious if there was any particular 'strategy' which was more effective knowing that there is speed dating questions pua limit and you may likely not get the chance to continue dialogue with them.

Listen and let them talk more than you do. This way you'll learn more about them quite important in your own interests i say. For some reason, however, this leaves them with a better impression of you despite how they've done most of the talking. I'd say that's almost a win-win. This line of advice is a combination of either David Deangelo or David Wygant dunno if it's the same personand Dale Carnegie's "How to make friends and influence peolpe" book.

So it speed dating questions pua more with general Game than seduction, but from personal experience I find this strategy rather true for most encounters with people I've met. You know, you don't need to pay for speed dating to get practice. Just talk to anyone and everyone around you. In the line at the grocery store?

Don't fall into job-interview style interactions. Don't give her any of the details she'll be fishing for to try to qualify you. Make her qualify for you. Ask how old she is. Use a lot of eye contact. She must look away first. Have fun with her. She's in your reality. Use the speed-dating venue for practice, if you can get a number, cool, but that shouldn't be your goal.

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