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Dating site for married couples ny times MARIELLE WAKIM JUNE 9, In retrospect, it was an amusing coincidence. And, moments after accepting, Ms. Despite the parking lot and the Dumpster and the missing diamond — which was eventually located thanks to some desperate rummaging and an iPhone flashlight — the couple emerged newly engaged. The next day, they shot a re-enactment video for posterity. Rosenberg says to the camera, throwing in dating site for married couples ny times seven-letter adjective for emphasis.

Bilik responds from behind the lens, adding the same word. The proposal came after a six-month romance that some friends and family considered whirlwind. Bilik, the founder and chief executive of the design and publishing company Knock Knockand Mr. Rosenberg, both 47, often wonder if they would have ended up together had they met 20, 10, even five years earlier, before either had found self-contentment. Bilik was raised in Berkeley, Calif. Rosenberg and his sister, Julie, were raised by their mother in Los Angeles.

A little more than a month before Ms. With the big looming and no promising life partners in sight, she began in vitro fertilization. After a year of unsuccessful treatments, Ms. Bilik started the process anew, this time with an egg donor. When the donor she chose fell through, she was surprisingly relieved. But I had done therapy and other kinds of personal work. And I started to dating site for married couples ny times fun. At the same time, Mr. Rosenberg was on his own journey of self-discovery.

After a lot of work, I got to a point where I was ready to open up. They met on OkCupid on Dec. WittyWarmWise had been online dating on and off since the early aughts, Mr. In fact, he received a message from Ms. Bilik five minutes after joining the site. She corrected him with a laugh: At the time, Ms. Bilik had been sidelined by shoulder surgery, for a torn rotator cuff, and by a lumpectomy, to remove a cancerous mass from her breast. To pass her recovery time, she put her shoulder — the good one, at least — into playing the field.

And so she fired off the first missive to Mr. Get lifestyle news from the Style, Travel and Food sections, from the latest trends to news you can use. View all New York Times newsletters. The two set a date for Jan. Rosenberg for a walk at Venice Beach with her golden retriever, Paco. Yeah right, this is L. But she was in sweats, a sling, no makeup.

Bilik added for accuracy. Rosenberg was immediately stung. After that, it was game on. By Week 3, they had a woman named Candi Cane Cooper in their corner, who is not, as you might have reasonably assumed, a stripper by trade. Rather she is Ms. On a visit with Paco, Ms. Cooper to channel Maisie. But that night, she regaled Mr. Rosenberg with the story. Point for Candi Cane.

The next week, Ms. Rosenberg exchanged I Love Yous. Their connection was fast and fierce and deep, which would be enough to scare most people in fledgling relationships — only Ms. Rosenberg to propose in front of a Dumpster on June 25 in the end, he opted for something more blingy than a black pearl. On May 27, the couple were married at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, Calif.

Golden light pierced through the canopy, and the air was thick with the scent of jasmine and peonies, the favorite flower of Mr. A huppah stood at the end of the aisle, its roof slung with a quilt made dating site for married couples ny times Ms. One emotion could not diminish the other, and their coexistence was a reminder of what Ms. Rosenberg may face in years to come.

Bilik said to Mr. Rosenberg in her vows. Rosenberg through their I Dos. ON THIS DAY When May 27, Where The Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, Calif. Conversation Pieces Salmon, steak and risotto were served beneath canopied tents strung with chandeliers and twinkle lights, while Paco, Ms. Toasts were given over dinner, including one from Ms. Pulling a Stunt When it was time for their first dance, Ms.

Rosenberg notified the crowd that they would be opting out of that particular tradition. Instead, they had asked friends to perform as stunt doubles in their stead — a hilarious, exaggerated number complete with twirls, lifts and ribbon wands. The decoy bride wore bright orange gym shoes, a nod to the similarly hued heels Ms. Bilik wore with her cream-colored dress. Paper Bouquets In lieu of traditional centerpieces, each table was set with a basket of paper flowers. No one was harmed. Continue following our fashion and lifestyle coverage on Facebook Styles and Modern LoveTwitter Styles, Fashion and Vows and Instagram.

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