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Suggestion for Matchmaking in Arena I think everyone has noticed that the matchmaking in the arena can be a little unbalanced at times, particularly if the squads involved are not balanced themselves. It is matchmakimg uncommon for a squad with 4 level 70 members to be matched honorbound pvp matchmaking against a squad with 5, or a squad with a level commander and a bunch of much lower level heroes. Neither of theses match-ups is particularly fair, nor does it take the evolution state of the honorbound pvp matchmaking heroes into pfp.

After giving this a lot of thought I have a suggestion for making the matchmaking much more even. The first thing is to calculate the total stats for a squad, and then the dispersion of those stats across the different characters. This latter can be calculated by dividing the highest stat across all the members of the squad by the sum of the stats. The closer this is to one, the more unbalanced the squad is. The matchmaking can then use the dispersion to determine the group of squads to match against, and the sum of the stats to figure out the specific squads that would be a reasonable match-up.

While this doesn't take resistances or abilities into account, it would provide a much more balanced match-up matchmaoing the current system that just uses average level. I think what you're suggesting is pairing up squads based on average and total stats. The problem with that is there might be unbalance as well if one guy places 4 level 1 heroes with his level HB. It could work, but it will require a bit of tweaking.

I think that the current matchmaking system is based by honor and streak. Honor is a little hard to predict as I have Basically, players that play a lot more arena than PvP early on will get paired vs tougher enemies, which is fine. This PvP system has been in place for quite a while right now, and although there is no real solution to guarantee an easy win, the honorbound pvp matchmaking solution is to level up your squad honorboknd add more members. I remember losing most of my PvP fights when my 4 man squad was constantly getting paired vs 5 man squads.

I started to win more the moment I was able to add a 5th onto my team. Actually the dispersion looks at how pcp the stats are from the average, and would show a significant difference between the team with a level and the rest at level 1, and a team that was all at matchmakig The latter would have a much lower dispersion, as most of the online dating association george kidd would be around the same range, whereas a level HB would have stats in the 10K range or more and would take up a significant portion of the sum, raising the dispersion.

If the dispersion were calculated by summing the stats of each character, and then dividing the maximum character sum over the total sum, then the HB case matxhmaking have a dispersion of almost 1, whereas the honorbound pvp matchmaking team would have a dispersion around 0. The point is it would reduce the chances of pairing balanced, unbalanced and extremely unbalanced teams against each other.

It would also give players who are just starting out a chance to win more often. As for streak, that could be taken into account by adjusting the range of total summed stats that are used to select which squads you are paired against, with a larger range with lower tails for low streak and smaller range with high tails for longer streaks. It honorbund my humble opinion that matchmaking issues as such can only be solved, when HB allows players to keep separate squads active.

Meaning that we have a designated PVP squad, and something like 4 PVE squads and 1 Event Squad. When the bulk of players 'stabilize' in their squad composition for PVP itself, it would definitely be easier to match-make say, by average levels, or by that and hero class legendary, epic etc. I personally feel that honor and streak should not be factored into matchmaking, solely because players who are lower honorbound pvp matchmaking get more honor per win, and vice versa, making it balanced in a way.

It just depends on honorbound pvp matchmaking much we as players want to PVP. Streak is just ornamental for the most honorbound pvp matchmaking, and if anything could be used as a record for JB to give slightly better rewards than the cycle of 20 arena streak prizes. Originally posted by firedood View Post.

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