Hook up solar panel deer feeder

I probably can figure this out, but I'm brain dead right now, so HELP Got hook up solar panel deer feeder old Kenco straight hook up solar panel deer feeder deer feeder out of moth balls and panle works--on 2- 6v batteries. Also found a 12 volt solar charger I want to hook up to keep both batteries charged. There are two wires pos and neg running from each of the batteries to the motor.

A simple diagram would be worth its weight in gold. Since the wires from each eeer run to the motor I would think that you won't be able to charge with a 12 volt charger since the jumper wire for 12 volt will create a dead short. Old Bald Guy View Public Profile Find More Posts by Old Bald Guy. In other words, i'd need to connect two 6 volt solar panels, one to each battery, to keep the system charged? Ok, Old Bald Guy, thanx for the quick repy. I think you're right, but I don't want you to be.

Can anyone out there change the laws of physics and electricity and tell me a magical way to make this happen? Are the 2 batteries wired ffeeder series, or parallel? They may be pushing 12v. I just took apart an old Kenco 3 motor feeder a couple days ago. It ran on 2 6v spring tops Last edited by HainesNYT; at HainesNYT View Public Profile Find More Posts by HainesNYT.

Since you are using a solar panel why not do blackplanet.com dating site with one battery and connect both sets of wires to the one battery you keep? You would only need one panel and it should have no problem keeping up with a feeder. I think ths jumper wire is green.

If this is the case, then the batteries are wired in series and you could use a 12 volt solar panel. DavidH View Public Profile Find More Posts by DavidH. Originally Posted by HainesNYT. It says it can run on 6v or 12v. I guess you can use just one six volt battery, but when you hook up two 6s, you're getting 12v to the motor and thus more power and a greater throw.

I want to use both 6 volts and find a way to use the 12 volt charger. Still brain dead, so guys, it's up to you. I believe there's a way. After that it's just connecting the panel wires. And the winners yp Old Bald Guy, David H seer ME! It is connected in series, with a green jumper wire which links the two batteries. By tracing the hot and ground wire hook up solar panel deer feeder from the motor, there's a way to connect the solar charger wire to the positive line on one 6 volt battery line and the negative line on the other 6volt battery.

I knew it could work! Just didn't know how. Bet those bbq ribs I ate helped my brain come back to life. Oh, and y'all's quick and helpful input didn't hurt at all. Thanx, too to HainesNYT. The diagram reminded me of the "parts" feeder I had and gave me the boost to go find it and do some comparison. This is a great forum! FYI, I just called a buddy of mine, who used to build F1 cars brilliant engineerand he said if it is in series, which it is, then you can hook up the 12v charger.

The "jumper wire" is not going to short Originally Posted by Old Bald Guy. No mention was made of a jumper wire in the OP's original post-just 2 sets of wires with one going to each battery and both sets connecting to a motor. That led to my comment on a jumper free online dating for under 18s a short circuit. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode.

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Using solar powered auto deer feeders for flocks