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Be a Host Family. Who Are Our Hosts? Who Are Our Students? Country Overview The Republic of Hungary lies in the center of Europe, dating and marriage traditions in hungary is bordered on all sides by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, and Yugoslavia. Hungary is home to The majority of Hungary's population is ethnically Hungarian, but there are small Gypsy, German, and Slovak communities.

The official language is Hungarian, also known as Magyar. Hungary has been a parliamentary democracy led by a president sincewhen its communist government collapsed. Hungarian citizens can vote at age 18, and men over 18 must serve 9 months mandatory service in the military. Geographically, Hungary is quite diverse. In an area just slightly smaller than Indiana, Hungary packs plains, mountains, lakes, and thermal springs, and has three climate zones. Hungarian art and architecture can be tradition throughout the country in lively Budapest, Baroque towns, and small villages.

Hungary's most famous cultural exports are probably seth thomas mantel clock vintage composers Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok. ZsaZsa Gabor hails from there as well. Hungary is blessed with a natural abundance of fruit and vegetables, but traditional Hungarian food is hearty, meat-based, and often spiced with paprika.

Hungary also produces a number of wines and palinka brandywhich are marrkage popular. School Schooling is free and compulsory for Hungarian children aged six to fourteen. Most students continue on to secondary schools for technical training or to prepare for higher education. Those who successfully complete secondary school may go on to an academic, medical or technical university, or to another institution of higher learning. Teenagers Although some rural communities stick to traditional, ethnic customs, most teens follow modern Western dating and marriage practices.

Urban teens in Hungary like to go movies, dating and marriage traditions in hungary and clubs in their spare time. In rural areas life is a bit quieter. Many teens play sports in school or local sports clubs. Popular instruments are violin and piano. The legal drinking age is The age at which one can obtain a driver's license is 17, and few teens own cars. Most get around on public transportation or are driven by their parents.

Many families have cable TV, but teens in Hungary tend vating watch less television than American teenagers. Community Business hours in Hungary are generally from 8am to 6pm. Some businesses open on Saturday. Hungarians tend to be hard workers, and some work up to dating and marriage traditions in hungary hours a day. Public transportation in Hungary is very efficient. Many people graditions cars, but public transportation is the principal mode of transport.

Family Modern Hungarian families are small, particularly in urban areas. Many families have two children. Pets are popular, especially cats, dogs and fish. Urban families usually live in fraditions or single -- family homes, and most own modern appliances. Many children live at home until the age of Most elderly people live in their own homes or nursing homes. Very few hungarry with extended family. Housekeepers are becoming more common in Budapest, but most families expect their children to help with household chores.

Customs A handshake is the most common greeting among adults in Hungary. It is polite to use a person's title and last name when greeting them Mr. First name greetings are reserved for friends, relatives, and young people. For Hungarians, lunch is considered to be the main meal of the day, and is usually eaten between 12 and 2pm. Lunch is generally soup, salad, sandwiches or a hot meal like spaghetti.

Dinner is a much smaller meal, usually cold cuts, fruit and tradutions, and is eaten after 7 p. A typical breakfast consists of hot chocolate, orange juice, ham and eggs, cereal or yogurt. Hungarians follow the continental style of eating -- with the fork held in the left hand and the knife in the right throughout the meal. Dating and marriage traditions in hungary often hold a skeptical view of religion.

Christmas and Easter are the two biggest holidays traditilns Hungary. Local festivals celebrate folk or religious events throughout the year. April 4 is Hungary's 'Liberation Day. Visit our NEW online store! Aspects of Culture Austria Azerbaijan Belgium Brazil Chile Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Hungary Italy Japan Latvia Moldova The Netherlands Norway The Philippines Poland Romania Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand United Kingdom Uruguay Student Testimonials Student Profiles How to Apply Host Family Preferences Contact Us.

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