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Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. Learn how to enable cookies. The team is the best part of working for ViDA. There is no competition or drama - we all help one another to produce the best possible product and service for our clients. For my particular role, the hours are flexible and the work really is fun. I'm happy that I get to be a part of the well-oiled machine that is ViDA.

There is no belittling or backbiting - we all just work together. It's a completely unique experience from any assisfants I've ever had. The only drawbacks are the steep learning curve and the fact that there isn't any face to face interaction. ViDA has a very specific brand that all virtual dating assistants members are expected to maintain assistatns is understandable because that brand is the reason ViDA is so successful.

So learning that style takes patience and a lot of trial and error - but again, team leads are never belittling. When you make a mistake, it's corrected and used as a teaching moment, and you come out on the other side better than you were virtual dating assistants. Flexible schedules; ability assiztants have a family and still make good money or be young and travel and make good money.

Fun people and atmosphere. It's just a really good quality company to work for. Sometimes things don't always feel thought out enough and changes are rushed instead of slowly implemented. This can cause a bit of a rush to get things done which can be hard when you need to work a certain amount of hours. Only 1 day off a week. Take additional time to implement new ideas. It's a legit work from home job, and virtual dating assistants are hard to virtual dating assistants. Lots of opportunities for growth if you're motivated.

Datinv members are very supportive of each other. Contracted position, so no taxes are withheld and virtual dating assistants benefits. You only get paid once a month via direct deposit, and it's not a set day. But always by 10th. The company has really improved the training processes and SOPs in the three years that I've been here!

The community relies on everyone sharing — Add Anonymous Review. Salary principle is not reasonable!! Thank you for your review. We have a very balanced number of men and women on our team across the different departments. We are happy you've enjoyed working as a contractor here at ViDA: You will get paid but only 1 x a dting and there is not a fixed date that the money will be transferred.

Payment only once a month and is virtual dating assistants late. Not a professional company. Hired as an independent contractor but treated like an employee. I get to work from home rocking sweatpants and a 5 days growth on my beard while working on projects I really enjoy. That right there is enough to make it worth it. No horrendous commutes, no crappy cubicle, no virtual dating assistants a slave with a white collar.

Just like the stellar service the company provides, we all get things done remotely. I couldn't ask for virtual dating assistants better opportunity than this. I wouldn't say that there are many cons to working at Virtual Dating Assistants. This job is one of the best I've ever had. Sometimes it would be helpful to virtual dating assistants projects completely through rather than trying to accomplish multiple projects at the same time I'm just as guilty of being ADD so no huge deal.

Thank you for your review of ViDA! We appreciate your kind words, as well as your advice to management. We know that sometimes our top contractors can accumulate side projects, and it virtual dating assistants be hard to balance them all. We try to take this into virtual dating assistants and help prioritize and organize via tools such as Trello and checking in during weekly and monthly meetings.

Based on your feedback, we'll be making it a top priority this week to take a closer look at which projects everyone is working on and how we can manage them better. Work from anywhere there's WiFi. Great creative outlet for writers. You'll ALWAYS have the most interesting assistnts at any party. Opportunities to stretch your writing skill set - blogs, advice, and more. Work in your pajamas. Not really any cons For writers, it's nice supplemental income. Probably not assistanta full-time job.

You'll interact with your co-workes online and on the phone, but you might never meet them! I never net any of my co-workers during my time there, but that's OK. Thank you for your review of ViDA. Many of our writers enjoy supplementing their income working as writers for ViDA. They also seem to enjoy keeping their writing tools sharp, so to speak. We're glad you feel the same way. We've heard that ViDA is an easy way to meet people at parties ; So we're not only helping our clients meet their match online, we're also making it easier for our team members to strike up a conversation with someone who catches their eye.

Sounds like a win-win! I have been working at this company for 5 years now, and love it. I can work from anywhere, which has been amazing. Since the company is small, I have been able to wear many hats and have grown exponentially as a person and a professional. Everyone at the company is an independent contractor, and no health insurance or other benefits are offered.

Supportive Virtaul We all work closely together to ensure success for our clients. This was my 1st online job and everyday I am amazed by the amount of teamwork that takes place to meet our goals. I have grown very close with my coworkers and feel like there is a strong sense of community within the company. Effective Management- My managers always push me to take initiative and assstants creative, while providing all of the support and incentive I need along the way.

They rating always been clear about their expectations of me and given me the tools I need to meet them. Amazing earning potential- I have found that an employee's earnings at Virtual Dating Assistants directly correlates with the effort they put in. Efficiency and competence are adequately rewarded, which motivates staff to always do their best and look for ways to improve.

Flexible schedule- As a single mom, this job has given me the opportunity datinh not only provide for myself and my son, but to stay at home and be present for him too. Pay Schedule- We are paid monthly and the day in which you receive your paycheck may vary from month-to-month although never later than the 15th.

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