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Go Bold and Gold with TYM's "Premium Supporter"! Follow Test Your Might on Twitter! Like Test Your Might on Facebook! Unavailagle Test Your Might on Twitter and Like us mkx matchmaking unavailable Facebook! Drizzle Jump and shoot. Not sure if this counts as a bug, but: I didn't try it knavailable every character but it seems like it might only work with females.

DrizzleApr 17, mkx matchmaking unavailable This is fucked up. PizzaApr 17, ZeZe The smart stuff! Lol 15GB it's like half of the game. I knew it was broke, but THAT broke? ZeZeApr 17, Thanks a lot guys. KeyserSozeApr 17, Site looks pretty cool, but I was wondering if anyone could provide assistance with a bug I am experiencing?

For some reason all the sound, dialog etc seems to work perfectly fine in everything but the Fight Intros. When the fight intros start, the talking between mqtchmaking mkx matchmaking unavailable is really muffled-- quiet, to being pretty much so quiet you mkx matchmaking unavailable even hear it. Mkx matchmaking unavailable is with the default audio options and so I then experimented with the audio sliders. When I put all the matchamking sliders down except Sound effects and Dialog.

I ended up being able to hear people but their voice are still really muffled, certain characters I could hear better but not really decently and it depends on the stage-- sometimes with improvement yet still very quiet and muffled. As if they are being over crowded into being quieter. This is on the PS4 and pre-ordered. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks to people reading or any people that provide it!

I wish I'd come here first since I'm getting that digital PS4 error too. Now I'm just waiting for my game to redownload. I don't mind too much matchmaiing I lost all my data except for Faction Points - that would suck. Needs to mkx matchmaking unavailable fixed unavzilable I was wondering if anyone could provide matcmhaking with a bug I am experiencing? This is on the PS4 and pre-ordered and pretty much from as soon as I was started playing.

PS4 I'm having an issue of the the game not letting me play online. Every time I choose online I natchmaking the message "Matchmaking Mkx matchmaking unavailable. I don't know what mkc problem matxhmaking be. Everything else in the game works fine. I've re-installed the game multiple matchmakjng and nothing changes. I'm sure it's not my type of connection or mkx matchmaking unavailable because my roommate unavsilable I play on the same connection except he plays on Free dating sites in canada alberta one.

Anyone else with this problem? Elite AuraApr 17, Matchmaiing Slaj Jazz likes this. NoobHunter Scrub God Lord. NoobHunterApr 17, PS4 digital version Tried to download the samurai skin pack that is on PSN and once it was installed got the CE error. PS support they are totally fucking useless told me to reinstall. I really wish I would came here first. I cant believe how incompetent PS support is. Do mkx matchmaking unavailable literally pay people to search their own forums to read you verbatim what the error message description suggestions are?

SmokeshowApr 17, So any word on when they're fixing the ps4 version? I haven't been able to play it at all today because of that error. I have the Xbone version as well and don't want mkx matchmaking unavailable have to do tricks to get it working on PS4. Scoot MageeApr 18, I am almost certain it has something to do with the update. When I deleted my digital version and installed my disc version it had to do the update again. I started up the game and it didn't crash.

As soon as the uanvailable was done and installed it crashed. So, for everyone that is having the ps4 crash bug, here is what you can do to bypass it until they fix match,aking. Do not try reinstalling because it won't help 2. Launch the game 4. Matchmakingg back to game You will be able to play anything in the game even onlineand it will bypass the bug. If you do decide to reinstall the game please matcmaking sure you do a backup of your saves so you don't lose progress.

You can do such by going to system data management and upload saves to the cloud server. You shouldn't lose saves even if you don't do this, but to play it safe you should do maychmaking. Im going keep am eye out and keep this updated as I get any info.